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Family bond

By Matthew Ondesko, Managing Editor Photos: Geoff Schneider/Sports Union

There is something to be said about coming up together as a young team. The bonds you are for from your days playing on the modified and junior variety teams are priceless. There is a special connection that starts to be formed.

There is also competition, and a ton of it. Everyone wants to start and earn minutes to help their team win. They don’t want to be the one that it sitting on the bench during crunch time when the team might need them most.

Fighting for playing time can only make a player better.

Lancaster High School sophomore midfielder Cassidy Adamec knows what it’s like to compete for a starting spot. She is one of a host of underclassmen that have moved up to the varsity over the last couple season.

The sophomore class could be one of the athletic classes when it comes to the Lancaster soccer team. There is a ton of talent and only 11 spots on the field. Fighting everyday to become one of those top 11 to choose from has only made Adamec  a better player.

“Playing with such a large underclass has been amazing, and will be amazing over the next few years,” stated Adamec. “Being able to play with the same amazing girls is awesome and will help us in the long run. We all have such a special bond with each other and it helps us be as close as we are today.”

Adamec is used to having to fight for what she wants. She comes from an athletic soccer family - with her brother playing for the Legends. Some players might see it has a burden being compared to a sibling.

Adamec sees it a different. She sees the support everyone in the family gives her game in and game out. They are there for encouragement and to push her when she might not to compete in practice that day, or when he is battling an injury and doesn’t feel up to maybe going through the process of getting better.

For her family is everything.

“Coming from a soccer family the support is great,” stated Adamec. “Having people at home who can give me a ton of advice and tell me how to improve is great. Their support has definitely raised my confidence levels and helped me develop into who I am now.”

So has being able to continue to work on her game through the entire year. After the high school season, the girls, like Adamec, go their separate ways and join up with their club teams. A lot of Lancaster Legends continue their club soccer with either the Western New York Flash or Global Premier Soccer (GPS).

Adamec is honing her skills with GPS with other Legends like junior Brooke Radecki and fellow sophomore Sydney Lattimore. There Adamec is honing her skills in hopes of making a bigger impact on the field as a junior and also get the college coaches to start taking notice.

“GPS has helped me develop so much over these past few years. Many amazing coaches have taught me many great things and helped me become the player I am today. Playing for GPS has been such a great experience and I am so thankful to be able to be apart of such an amazing soccer club,” stated Adamec. “College soccer is definitely something that I an interested in. Having many great opportunities with GPS will help me reach my goal of playing college soccer. Playing to my full potential will help me so much with my goals. My family will help me so much by just supporting me and my soccer and helping me reach my goal.”

Her goal on the pitch is to become that midfielder that can do it all. She takes on the holding midfield position for both school and club. While others may be looked upon to score and set up plays, Adamec is doing the dirty work.

She is one that is fighting for every 50/50 ball. She is out there helping the pother midfielders. As we profiled earlier this season, Lancaster has some smaller midfielders, think Radecki. This isn’t the case for Adamec. 
Adamec is one of the taller players on the field at 5-foot-7. Her height helps her battle with the older and more experienced players on the other teams. Even tough she is a sophomore, Adamec is getting her nose in there and fighting, and scratching, for everything that she can on the pitch.

“Being only a sophomore, playing against bigger and more experienced players is definitely hard but I just like to play my game no matter who our opponents are,” stated Adamec. “Holding down the midfield is a crucial job in soccer and being able to fill that position on both my school team and club team is great. On the field as a midfielder I have to look very far ahead of what is going to happen and consider all the possibilities of what is going to happen.”

It’s just not all soccer for Adamec. She has one eye on the future as she continues to work on the present. She knows soccer will be able to get her into a college that will let her explore what she wants to do. 
Right now, Adamec would like to help people. How she wants to go about that she isn’t exactly sure yet. She does know that soccer can get her where she wants to be.

“Playing and knowing people are in the stands pushes me to play even better! At all these big GPS tournaments i've learned to just play my game and not to worry about who is watching,” stated Adamec. “Away from playing soccer, I would like to have a job that helps others greatly. Having a job that you know that you are helping people is what I want in a job. I would like to attend college and explore the great places around the world.

Right now, you could say that Cassidy Adamec has the world at the palm of her hands.


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