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Schneider shows resiliency

by Matthew Ondesko: Managing Editor

Coming from a small high school, a student never knows what it’s going to be like when they go to college. There are a lot of questions they try to answer for themselves. The biggest being is this the right fit for me?

It’s a scary time, at least for the first couple of weeks. Trying to make new friends. Trying to find your way around an area that you have never been to before. But, once you get settled, it can be the best time of your life.

Erin Schneider didn’t know what to really expect when she came from Springville to John Carroll University. Coming from a small community, and school, to a bigger area could be overwhelming at times.

But, Schneider has loved every minute of John Carroll has soon as she stepped foot on campus.

“I came from a pretty small high school,” stated Schneider. “When I came here to visit my last year of high school, I just really liked the atmosphere. Everyone seemed really nice, and really welcoming. It was an atmosphere where I could see myself.”

Being an accounting major, Schneider took a liking to John Carroll right away. She also liked the fact that it was close to home, but still far enough away to have her freedom. Being able to be comfortable at a school was extremely important for her.

It also allowed Schneider to spread her wings a little. While John Carroll is only a couple of hours away, it still allowed Schneider to have that independence, and freedom, that she as looking for.

“I liked that fact they had a really strong business school,” stated Schneider. “I was looking for a school that was close to home, but kind of far away. I think the three hours was a good distance, as it let’s me still be independent. But, obviously close enough to still come home.”

John Carroll has also allowed her to continue with soccer. Schneider played during her time at Springville and was looking to be able to be part of the team in college. John Carroll has afforded her that opportunity.

“I wanted to continue playing soccer, because I have been playing all my life,” stated Schneider. “I was interested in DIII soccer, and continue with that team aspect. It’s a pretty competitive team. We have close to 30 to 40 girls.”

Schneider hasn’t seen much action while she has been at John Carroll. She has only played around nine games in her first three seasons. Most players would look to transfer if they didn’t get the production they were looking for - especially in this time of instant gratification.

While it could be frustrating at time for Schneider not getting on the field, she knows what her role is on the team. She just wants to be out there with her teammates - and soak up what college has to offer.

“I personally don't play much, but I still really enjoy being a part of it,” stated Schneider. “I have made some great friendships from it. And, I get to stay active and continue with soccer.”


also tough for a player, like stated Schneider, to go from playing a lot in high school to not playing that much in college. Trying to get those minutes is tough at times. It can get very frustrating as well.

But, Schneider has never complained. Not getting the minutes has made her more resilient as a person. In life, things just aren’t given to you based on what you might have done before. You need to work hard to earn whatever is put in front of you.

So, not starting, or getting this minutes early, has made Schneider the person she is right now.

“It’s very difficult going from a smaller high school program where you are getting into all the games. To a very competitive college program where everyone is coming from that same type of program,” stated Schneider. “It’s a very competitive environment. I think not getting those minutes really helped me become very resilient. Personally, I just feel like I am a very resilient person.”

Soccer doesn’t define the type of person Schneider is. For some athletes sports is what defines them. It’s who they are, not Schneider. Of course, she wants the play and help her team win. She wants to get in the games like everyone else. She is a very competitive person.

Sometimes, however, it’s not in the cards Every day she goes and gives her best in practice. However, her athletic career pans out, Schneider knows she will leave knowing she gave it her all, and leaving the school with friends she will keep forever.

“I have been trying to push myself over the years. Also, I try to keep that mindset that I am always going to keep trying hard but that soccer doesn’t define me. If I’m not going to get those minutes, I try to always keep a positive attitude,” stated Schneider. “I still really like being part of the team environment, even though I haven’t gotten as many opportunities that I have hoped for. I made so many friends that I will have for a lifetime, and I am really grateful for that.”

When Schneider does into a game, she has to remember not to over do it. It’s a lot harder that it looks. She wants to get into the games and prove to everyone that she belongs. It’s that competitive spirit.

Over time Schneider has to remind herself to take what the defense gives her, but that easier said that done.

“Personally, I think that is something that I struggle with,” stated Schneider. “When you are one of those people, like me, when you don’t get a lot of opportunities it can be a little nerve-wracking. Everyone on the team is very supportive and welcoming to the players who aren’t getting a lot of those minutes.”

As her times come to an end at John Carroll, Schneider looks back fondly at her time, both academically and athletically. There will always be the what ifs during anyones four years at school.

Schneider will look back fondly on her time, knowing she has grown as a person as she gets ready for the next chapter of her life.

“I have had a very positive experience with the program,” stated Schneider. “I just really enjoyed being able to contrite with soccer no matter what it looked it. With my time coming to an end, I am really sad for soccer and everything to be over. I feel like it has been a really positive experience for myself.

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